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    This blog contains updated content about pretty much all the coming and goings of the studio. It also may contain some rants and raves depending on whether there is a full moon. Feel free to leave me a comment. You can also pass these images onto Facebook or Twitter if the spirit moves you!

Having been a photographer for close to 3 decades, I get a variety of phone calls asking me to describe my services.  I am happy to chat with everyone and give them a bit of instruction on how I work.  If the client isn’t a referral, then they have checked out my work on either this blog, Facebook, Instagram or my web page.  So, they know my style of work and were interested enough to make the call.  Every photographer has a “style” and it has taken many moons for me to establish my own.  In the beginning of my career, I photographed anything, any way, any how just to give clients a variety of styles to chose from in my work.  I would purchase any new prop, new background, different studio lights, etc. to try and cover every possible aspect a client may want.  I had props out the wazoo!  I bought wicker chairs, wicker tables, tons of paint splattered backgrounds, dark backgrounds as well as huge rolls of background paper.  I remember when I first opened my studio, there were some photographers who would build a mini pond in their studio to get cute pictures of kids pretending to fish.  Yes, the thought of filling my studio with a little pool had crossed my mind for a brief moment.  Some photographers hung a swing from the ceiling to get cutsie pix of kids pretending to be outside.

However, over the years my branding became more refined and I dropped all the paraphernalia that other photographers employed.  Getting rid of that stuff was liberating.

So this brings me to the subject of this blog.  “How to hire a photographer.”  It basically relates to the same question when you purchase a designer dress.  You purchase a Vera Wang dress because you like Vera’s style.  You purchase a Stella McCartney, Versace or Karl Lagerfeld dress because you there is something about their style that you like.  So it intrigues me so when the phone rings and goes like this:  “I saw your web page and want to hire you to take my photograph, however, I want you to change this, do that, incorporate this…… ”  Then there are the clients who feel the need to direct me during a portrait session by telling those in the picture where to stand, how to stand and what background they want.  Would that same client buy a Versace dress and then rip it apart sewing a different type of hem?  NO!   Their only experience with posing and lighting is perhaps what they saw on Pinterest and feel the need to re-arrange my style based on their concept of a great portrait.   It is so important to accept the style of the photographer, their professional experience and their knowledge of light.  Let me work my professional magic.  Trust me.


88 Days Until Halloween!

Today I ran to the local grocery store to gather a few items and the first thing that hit me in the face was this display of Halloween candy.  Of course I groaned as I wiped off the sweat from the 91 degree day.  But you have to hand it to the marketing people who designed this set up.  Yes, it is way to early.  For me, there was no way I would buy candy this early.  However, there were some kiddies sniffing around this display.  More so this display than the back to school display!  My Sunday newspaper is filled with “Back to School” specials which also seems way to early.  

This whole early marketing idea may seem like a waste of time and money, but in reality, it is brilliant.  Why?  Because for one brief moment, I forget that it was indeed 91 degrees outside and fall was approaching.  We are all in vacation mode and the thought of getting off the sand and back to work is downright frightful.  September is less than 4 weeks away and most kids are back to school by then.  So, this is when it starts all over again.  Working longer hours, packing lunches, carpools, after school sports, meetings, planning, and everything that goes into that last quarter push.  If you in business for yourself, it means putting forth that last quarter marketing plan.  Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the second week of September?

In my area, I can always tell when the kids have gone back to school because the headshot inquiries come in more rapidly than summer time.  The first 3 weeks of September can get a bit crazy because it is like spring when the bear wakes up from hibernation.  Everyone realizes that for 12 weeks, they have been in first gear and now it’s time to move faster….. way faster.

So, if you are lucky enough to read to the end of this blog, you are the lucky one.  Because from now until August 31st, if you are smart enough to jump ahead of the headshot line and get your professional headshot done early, you may receive an additional image complimentary.  A $75 value.  This is completely retouched as well and ready for anywhere you want to shine.

Call the studio to set up your time (215.968.5220).  Don’t wait until life is in full swing again.  This is an amazing offer.

Warm regards,




Two weeks ago, my son Jason married the love of his life Caiti.  It was a destination resort wedding in Punta Cana where there is nothing but beautiful beaches, amazing lavish gardens and more food then I care to think of.  As a photographer, it was hard not to take photographs of this special day.  But, Caiti and I discussed early on that we needed to get another photographer to handle the ceremony and family portraits as well as some of their own personal wedding photographs.  Since I can’t be mother of the groom and photographer at the same time, it was logical that we scout around for a photographer to either bring with us or hire someone there.  Jason and Caiti did a scouting run of the resort about a year before and interviewed with the photographer.  It was decided that he would do the ceremony shots as well as the posed formal shots (and family) after the wedding.  I did the “pre” shots.  The getting ready, the flowers, the “first look”.  It worked out just wonderfully.

Here is a link to a 4 minute slide show that I put together which incorporates my photographs, the other photographer and some video as well.


Here are a few images that I took that hints at what a great day it was!

An amazing day for a wedding.

Its Friday night and after a dinner with my mom and brother, we headed over to the Falls Township Community Park.  The sun was setting and the wind was picking up a bit as the three of us walked down the line of flags representing the 100,000 plus men and women who have died in combat since 2001.  There wasn’t much noise except for kids voices playing in the distance.  As we approached, two ladies were visibly upset.  The only thing that drowned out the voices of the kids playing was the flapping sounds of the large flags waving to back at us.  We must never forget that there is an empty chair tonight at many tables for many years now.  I only had my cell phone to take a pix.  But it was worth it.

Mother’s Day.  The gift of a robe, new slippers, the flower from the corner gas station, breakfast out.  All squeezed into one day, one hour.  The only day of the year that mom really feels appreciated.  She pulls out the new blouse from her closet, the nice earrings and spritzes a little perfume on.  You pick her up only to find a halfway decent parking spot at the local breakfast place.  Standing in a small waiting room for 40 minutes to eventually eat an over cooked omelet.  You return home and chit chat for an hour or so before heading off.  Mom puts her blouse back on the hanger and earrings back in the drawer.

Sounds kinda sad but… sadly, it is true.  The memory of this is sometimes captured on a cell picture of which will probably be the only picture mom is in the whole year.  Why?  As we all know, she is the picture taker.  Never one to ask someone to take her picture, she is content to take everyone else’s growth history.

For this reason, I am bringing back the amazing $99 portrait session special just for Mother’s Day.  This amazing special is normally $175 in the studio plus she will receive a beautiful 8 x 10 portrait with purchase on the hottest new item out there… a modern metal desk portrait valued at $250 in my studio.  Isn’t it time for mom’s to step back into photographs and be pampered?  Each mom will get a 3 hour portrait session which includes not only the print with purchase (above) but a professional makeup artist, a wardrobe consult before hand and a one on one with me scheduled for a later time to view these amazing images!

What better gift to your wife, to your mom or even to yourself, to be photographed professionally magazine styled photo shoot?  To have these images for years to come as a reminder of how special she is now and forever.  When she comes in to see her reveal two weeks after her session, she will have the opportunity to purchase anything she desires from ala carte to packages starting at $995.  She will also see our amazing matted print collection which she can add a variety of images to fill her custom print box!

Call the studio now to get this special.  You can purchase this special until Memorial Day, but it has to be used by June 30th.  215.968.5220


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