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Two weeks ago, my son Jason married the love of his life Caiti.  It was a destination resort wedding in Punta Cana where there is nothing but beautiful beaches, amazing lavish gardens and more food then I care to think of.  As a photographer, it was hard not to take photographs of this special day.  But, Caiti and I discussed early on that we needed to get another photographer to handle the ceremony and family portraits as well as some of their own personal wedding photographs.  Since I can’t be mother of the groom and photographer at the same time, it was logical that we scout around for a photographer to either bring with us or hire someone there.  Jason and Caiti did a scouting run of the resort about a year before and interviewed with the photographer.  It was decided that he would do the ceremony shots as well as the posed formal shots (and family) after the wedding.  I did the “pre” shots.  The getting ready, the flowers, the “first look”.  It worked out just wonderfully.

Here is a link to a 4 minute slide show that I put together which incorporates my photographs, the other photographer and some video as well.


Here are a few images that I took that hints at what a great day it was!

An amazing day for a wedding.

Its Friday night and after a dinner with my mom and brother, we headed over to the Falls Township Community Park.  The sun was setting and the wind was picking up a bit as the three of us walked down the line of flags representing the 100,000 plus men and women who have died in combat since 2001.  There wasn’t much noise except for kids voices playing in the distance.  As we approached, two ladies were visibly upset.  The only thing that drowned out the voices of the kids playing was the flapping sounds of the large flags waving to back at us.  We must never forget that there is an empty chair tonight at many tables for many years now.  I only had my cell phone to take a pix.  But it was worth it.

Mother’s Day.  The gift of a robe, new slippers, the flower from the corner gas station, breakfast out.  All squeezed into one day, one hour.  The only day of the year that mom really feels appreciated.  She pulls out the new blouse from her closet, the nice earrings and spritzes a little perfume on.  You pick her up only to find a halfway decent parking spot at the local breakfast place.  Standing in a small waiting room for 40 minutes to eventually eat an over cooked omelet.  You return home and chit chat for an hour or so before heading off.  Mom puts her blouse back on the hanger and earrings back in the drawer.

Sounds kinda sad but… sadly, it is true.  The memory of this is sometimes captured on a cell picture of which will probably be the only picture mom is in the whole year.  Why?  As we all know, she is the picture taker.  Never one to ask someone to take her picture, she is content to take everyone else’s growth history.

For this reason, I am bringing back the amazing $99 portrait session special just for Mother’s Day.  This amazing special is normally $175 in the studio plus she will receive a beautiful 8 x 10 portrait with purchase on the hottest new item out there… a modern metal desk portrait valued at $250 in my studio.  Isn’t it time for mom’s to step back into photographs and be pampered?  Each mom will get a 3 hour portrait session which includes not only the print with purchase (above) but a professional makeup artist, a wardrobe consult before hand and a one on one with me scheduled for a later time to view these amazing images!

What better gift to your wife, to your mom or even to yourself, to be photographed professionally magazine styled photo shoot?  To have these images for years to come as a reminder of how special she is now and forever.  When she comes in to see her reveal two weeks after her session, she will have the opportunity to purchase anything she desires from ala carte to packages starting at $995.  She will also see our amazing matted print collection which she can add a variety of images to fill her custom print box!

Call the studio now to get this special.  You can purchase this special until Memorial Day, but it has to be used by June 30th.  215.968.5220


A few days ago I came upon a blog post from Creative Live about some of the things photographers hear pretty much on a regular basis.  It actually made me laugh because yes, I too, experience many of these comments.  I thought I would share a few of them and some of my very own encounters.  I would say without a doubt that the folks that say these things are genuine good people trying to strike up a conversation with me hoping to perhaps bond on our photographic knowledge insights.  When I first started hearing several of these comments, I would comment something nicely back.  Heck, I thought, why be rude?  Now, instead of comments, I just nod my head and smile.  After I read the comments, I thought there should be more of these websites that explains things like “10 things never to say to a physician.”

Here are a few from the Creative Live blog:

“I could take great pictures too if I had a camera like that.”

“Nice photo, you must have a really good camera.”

“I really have a good eye, but my camera isn’t great.”

“My eye phone has more pixels that your expensive camera.”

“So, your photos are photoshopped?”

Here are some more that I have personally experienced:

“My father (uncle, sister, grandfather) was a photographer but now he is a plumber (carpenter, retired, custodian).”

“My mother always said I had a good eye.”

“Who needs a camera when you have a good I Phone?”

“Let me tell you about all the photo gifts I made for everyone at Christmas.”

“I don’t need to hire a professional, my neighbor takes great photos.”

“You can photoshop that out right?”

“My son fell out of bed yesterday and woke up with a black eye.  I figured since we had the appointment, you could work wonders and fix it in photoshop.”

“My child woke up this morning with a fever but I brought her anyway since I took the morning off from work. Hope we get some good stuff!”

“We have to be somewhere in an hour and fifteen so let’s go.”

In closing, I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.  I could easily retort back with some smart comment, but it really doesn’t pay.  As I said earlier, I just don’t believe that the majority of these folks realize what their comments actually sound like to a professional.  Again, the best thing is to just nod my head and smile.










I use a makeup artist on many of my photo shoots.  Whether it is a professional headshot or a couture portrait session, makeup artists are invaluable for adding that special finishing touch.  We all have “some” experience putting on our day makeup, but for special occasions, I highly recommend bringing in a specialist for my clients.  Before the session begins, I always try to sneak in a “before” photograph.  There is no better explanation of why it is worth going the extra mile then seeing before and after photographs.  Clients are truly amazed when they see the difference.

I have asked one of my makeup artists Susan Carabello to take over the blog this week and give us some valuable pointers for using a makeup artist for your next headshot session. Susan travels frequently to both New York and Philly for various fashion shows, fashion week, photo assignments.  Her website is:   If you are on the border about whether or not to hire a makeup, read her article below.  Questions are always welcome!


Makeup Artist

Susan Carabello

Why you need to hire a makeup artist for your headshot


I am sure that you are reading this headline and thinking “Really? I need a makeup artist for headshots?” Headshot makeup is vitally important to the digital age. Headshots are used for everything from corporate websites, social media and yes, dating sites. If you are looking to make a great first impression, you need a makeup artist for your headshot.


Makeup artists, like photographers, understand lighting, what looks good on camera and how to make you look like the best version of yourself. We also understand what products work and what may not. Most people do not want caked on makeup in their photos, right? You want to look natural and most importantly, like yourself.


Here are few things to remember when hiring a makeup artist for your headshot session:


  1. Has this person done headshot makeup before? This is the most important. You want to make sure that the artist you hire understands color theory and trends, but also they need to understand what products are going to give you the best end result. We all remember Glamour Shots, don’t we?


  1. What will you get when you hire a makeup artist? You will get someone who has educated themselves on makeup application, proper techniques and product knowledge. Makeup artists must also learn current trends, business and much more.


  1. Can I choose the makeup I want to wear? A makeup artist will have a consultation with you before your session. We will go through how you wear your makeup, any allergies and any skincare issues that may need to be addressed.


  1. I’m a guy, I don’t need a makeup artist. Think again. Makeup artists get hired all the time to do men’s grooming, especially for headshots. Men’s grooming is one of the areas that has been growing for makeup artists over the last few years.


Makeup artists work in a variety of areas. But, working in an area such as headshots requires someone who can execute a clean, natural makeup look without being overdone. They will have you looking your best!

M o r e   i n f o