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Kicking it to the curb..

Spring cleaning always comes early for me. By “early”, I mean January. In my last post, I spoke about approaching 2019 with wider eyes than 2018. Being in the “business” of photography as well as being a photographer are two different things. I know I have addressed this before. But the “business” of photography is just… well honestly, dreadful. I see wide eyed newbies all around me with hopes and dreams of big photo shoots. Inside, I have such mixed emotions for them. I love to see their dream come true of course. But I also want to take them aside and ask them are they prepared for the “business” part?

In the past, I have had students mentor with me on their journey. I always try to tell them like it is. Why sugar coat it? This is their future. It is 90% paperwork, office work (editing, photoshop, etc.) and 10% shooting. When I was in college for photography, their was NOT one course designed for how to handle the business side. The only exception was an adjunct teacher who was teaching lighting. He was a working photographer that had a legit business. Every student hung on every word he said regarding how to market yourself, make comp cards, approach clients, etc. These small insights were given by him at the end of every lighting class as students would converse while putting away equipment. I would put away my stuff early on and wait for him to answer my burning questions.

So what has this blog post got to do with anything related to photography? Actually, it has to do with business. Even after being in the business of photography for almost 3 decades, I still try new things. Some work, some don’t. Some marketing campaigns are a hit and others fail (like my on going diet!). It can be quite discouraging after spending… in some cases mega bucks on something and it does not get the response you get. There is no magic marketing pill. What works for some photographers, may not work for others.

January is a month of purging. The “DELETE” button on my computer is the most used button right now. I have joined Facebook groups that I thought may be interesting… and now I am deleting. I have gained many friends on other groups that I am keeping. I am also deleting a ton of emails that people feel they need to send to me regarding their business ideas. (That I did not sign up for!)

It is okay to kick things to the curb. No hard feelings of course. If you don’t see me at one of your networking groups, it is not because I don’t like you. It is well…… simply it just wasn’t working out for me. My time is too precious to waste. A new year and a new direction. Focus, focus focus.

The old saying… “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” applies to every business.

I wish you joy!


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