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Flowers on a Wednesday



It’s Wednesday.  It’s snowing out.  My neighbor’s dog has been barking for almost 20 minutes.  I thought it was a bark of a frozen dog.  However, upon looking outside, I noticed that the dog was actually playing in the snow with his dog partner.  We are approaching the middle of January and I have cabin fever.  Perhaps I should up my dose of vitamin D!   So, I headed out to run a few errands to break up the day from editing.

Standing in front of the supermarket flower section, the women in charge of flowers pops out of the back room and sees me staring at the wall of flowers.  “Looking for something special?” she says.  “No”, I say quietly.  After a few minutes of inhaling the smell, she says to me, “Special  occasion?”  I say…. “Yes, it’s Wednesday.”  I take a long breath and then add… “And the sun hasn’t been out in a week.”  She nodded and then disappeared in her secret room behind the fruit.  She came out with this cute bouquet.  “How’s this?” she said.  I looked at her face as she presented the flowers to me.  She had that look that women get when they “get” each other.

Needless to say, the flowers were arranged on my desk first… way before the milk was put away.  Sometimes you have to stop and pause.  For me, it’s standing in the flower section and finding my extra bit of sunshine.  What is your way of bringing your core back to center?



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