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Photographing a high school senior… my thought process

High school senior photographs are one of my main stays of business.  The conclusion of 12 years of schooling is a big deal.  A whole newView full post »

Be your own Valentine

“When a women becomes her own best friend life is easier.” -Diane Von Furstenberg   DEAR FRIENDS! As we slowly headView full post »

Spring! I couldn’t be more ready!

Last week the weather gods gave us a bone.  Not just warm weather for a few days, but HOT weather!  As in 80 degrees!  Something virtuallyView full post »

A little goes a long way… Retouching

As a professional photographer, the presentation of a great photograph doesn’t stop at the “click” of the shutter.View full post »

Meet Emily….

Meet Emily…. A high school graduate with more spirit then you can bottle.  Her laugh is infectious.  Her warmth is true.  She came in toView full post »

Getting caught up is a good thing.

Yes, you heard it right.  I am behind in my blogging!  My daughter had a new baby!  Hopefully, that is a good enough excuse!  Also,View full post »

Doing it right for a high school senior.

Getting the call to once again photograph Abagail, I was elated. I had photographed her and her sister two years prior and  was amazed atView full post »

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