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Professional Head shots

Getting back into the swing.

As we approach the end of summer, all of our thoughts are geared to squeezing the last possible ounce of outdoor fun in before schoolView full post »

Are you thinking ahead?

88 Days Until Halloween! Today I ran to the local grocery store to gather a few items and the first thing that hit me in the face was thisView full post »

Why you need to hire a makeup artist for your headshot

I use a makeup artist on many of my photo shoots.  Whether it is a professional headshot or a couture portrait session, makeup artists areView full post »

Headshot search… 5 tips on hiring a photographer

Sooner or later you will realize that you are in need of something more professional looking on your website other than the photograph ofView full post »

Too much Photoshop? I’m gonna scream. It could be you.

I thought about what an appropriate title for this blog should be.  I guess I just have to put it out there.  I know… breath….View full post »

Life after high school

I recently received a call from a previous client to do some updated portraits of her son who just graduated high school.  I had doneView full post »

Why should you hire me for your headshot?

There are no two photographers alike.  We all have our “styles”.  Yes, even me.  This blog post is not about bashing otherView full post »

Headshots…. what makes a difference.

Variation in clothing makes a difference…. It’s pretty rare that a day doesn’t go by without at least one phone call inquiringView full post »

A little goes a long way… Retouching

As a professional photographer, the presentation of a great photograph doesn’t stop at the “click” of the shutter.View full post »

Headshots.. retouching and clothing

Headshot with darker clothing   A more relaxed, yet professional look. Recently, Lori Hoppman, financial advisor for Edward Jones inView full post »

No, you can’t fake it.

When  you need a specialist for something, do you check online for references?  When you want to hire someone to build an addition to yourView full post »

Beautiful inside and out

An amazing day this past fall doing what I absolutely love.  I had met Paula a few years previously and not too far back, I had theView full post »

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