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Getting back into the swing.

As we approach the end of summer, all of our thoughts are geared to squeezing the last possible ounce of outdoor fun in before schoolView full post »

Hiring a photographer. Working my magic.

Having been a photographer for close to 3 decades, I get a variety of phone calls asking me to describe my services.  I am happy to chatView full post »

Mom mom mom mom mom mom

Mother’s Day.  The gift of a robe, new slippers, the flower from the corner gas station, breakfast out.  All squeezed into one day,View full post »

Be your own Valentine

“When a women becomes her own best friend life is easier.” -Diane Von Furstenberg   DEAR FRIENDS! As we slowly headView full post »

What will you leave your children?

I met Stephanie last year at a meeting.  She immediately expressed interest in having a 3 generation photograph taken of her mom, herselfView full post »

Karen.. shining from the inside out!

I love, love, love it when women take the time to document their beautiful life.  Here is another great example of an exceptionallyView full post »

Yes folks, it is Cra-Cra time! AKA the holidays.

Hi Friends! I will admit I have slipped on the blogging end.  My super special offered in the last blog just went through the roof.View full post »

$99 Back to you special.. Act NOW!

Hi Ladies! Here it is!  Once again, I am offering the amazing $99 portrait session special.  This outrageous special is a hot one, so actView full post »

She really wants out of this t-shirt.

There is a great quote from Lara Whatley: “Why?  It’s an excellent question.  But an even better one is…. WhyView full post »

No two sessions are alike.

Meet my grandson Dominick.  He is 8 months old in this photograph.  He has been crawling for about 3 weeks now and stands up with the helpView full post »

Mom, you must exist in photographs.

Happy New Year! January is my second to least favorite month of the year.  February of course, comes in first.  It all revolves aroundView full post »

The photo clock stands still but you can change it.

The most photographed day in one’s life     So many details go into planning a wedding.  For the bride, it is without aView full post »

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