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Kicking it to the curb..

Working towards a better business.View full post »

2019 Here We Go!

Okay friends, I will admit… I dropped the ball on keeping up with blog posts.  Not just a little, A LOT!  When 2018 rolledView full post »

Remaining creative

People ask me frequently how do I come up with ideas for portraits.  Questions like “Do I ever get in a funk?”  Well theView full post »

Flowers on a Wednesday

  It’s Wednesday.  It’s snowing out.  My neighbor’s dog has been barking for almost 20 minutes.  I thoughtView full post »

Price vs. Quality… The never ending discussion.

Is there a difference?   It seems like every day, I encounter a new photographer in the area.  Sometimes they come and go before IView full post »

Sometimes I yearn for those days.

When I was a junior in high school, my mother insisted I take typing.  She used to say “No matter what, you can always get a jobView full post »

We can help Houston together…

Dear Friends… The past week has been filled with so much grief and tragedy as a result of  result of Hurricane Harvey hitting theView full post »

Getting back into the swing.

As we approach the end of summer, all of our thoughts are geared to squeezing the last possible ounce of outdoor fun in before schoolView full post »

Hiring a photographer. Working my magic.

Having been a photographer for close to 3 decades, I get a variety of phone calls asking me to describe my services.  I am happy to chatView full post »

Are you thinking ahead?

88 Days Until Halloween! Today I ran to the local grocery store to gather a few items and the first thing that hit me in the face was thisView full post »

The last thing a photographer wants to hear.

A few days ago I came upon a blog post from Creative Live about some of the things photographers hear pretty much on a regular basis.  ItView full post »

Why you need to hire a makeup artist for your headshot

I use a makeup artist on many of my photo shoots.  Whether it is a professional headshot or a couture portrait session, makeup artists areView full post »

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