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2019 Here We Go!


Okay friends, I will admit… I dropped the ball on keeping up with blog posts.  Not just a little, A LOT!  When 2018 rolled around, I decided to kick my networking up several notches.  Being in business, and getting business go hand in hand.  So, in 2017 I got a bit lazy in my networking and it showed quite a bit in my business.  When 2018 arrived, I hit the ground hard with putting my business and face out there once again as I had done in previous years.

Lets face it, the last thing you want to do when you get up in the morning is shake hands with strangers.  This is only of course second to exercising.  And of course, having to rearrange shooting schedules to accommodate meetings was never easy.  My day consisted of super early wake up calls and out the door mostly by 7:00 a.m. to business events.  This seems to be the time most networking meetings occur.  Then after, I would start my sessions or client meetings.  By dinner, I was in no shape to get back on the computer and write a blog post.  Some networking meetings occur at lunch so that meant I had to squeeze in sessions in the morning or do a late afternoon client meetup.

Now, here we are and I am back after my usual holiday week off.  Planning and strategizing are what is going on for the next week.  What was a big hit for 2018 and what did not (or should I say, not as expected!)

I know that a good hour or two of my day will be going through emails and unsubscribing to what seems like a mountain of junk mail.  Shaking hands and meeting people over the last year was amazing.  However, some took it upon themselves to add my email to their email list.  So, no, I do not need a plumber newsletter, six financial planner newsletters, three energy newsletters, and a dog groomer, etc.  (But wait, their is more…..   )   Yes, I do personally send out a newsletter myself.  I sent it quarterly to those only who have used my services in the past.  I don’t add strangers to my newsletter list.

If you are reading this blog and are one of the folks I have had the pleasure to meeting this past year, I would love to chat with you over coffee sometime rather than read a standard company prepared newsletter with your logo on the bottom.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to a great year and hopefully creating images for you that warms your heart.

For those of you that I have photographed this past year (2018), thank you.  I love seeing at networking meetings and feel we have a special bond.  I enjoyed our conversation during our portrait session and feel that getting to know someone new is priceless.

I wish you joy in 2019.







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